Home is where the Grandparents are

Stephen and I have been sticking around Missouri for awhile. It has been pretty nice not having to live out of a suitcase. It has also been nice to be around Stephen's grandparents more. Hopefully we aren't getting too much in their way!

We have started exercising again. Stephen and his brother, Michael have been jogging and I have been walking every morning. Stephen has also been going mountain biking with Tyler and other guys from Forum Christian Church. On Saturday morning, Stephen and I played tennis together. I was doing so well and then it seemed as if I was just melting. Stephen was giving me the evil eye as if I wasn't even trying, but I was! I really need to work on my endurance! In any case, it has felt great to start moving again!

Lately we have been busy applying the things that we learned on our support raising training weekend in TN. We have fixed our presentation, our introduction letter, contacted more churches, imputed addresses into a good program for keeping track of donations, made a presentation packet, tried to brainstorm more about making our booth look better, and sent out two batches of letters. Pretty soon we will start contacting the people that we sent out the letters to the first week. It is really exciting to be doing these things.

If you have received a letter please be praying about supporting us. If you haven't received a letter yet, you may be getting one soon. We are sending them out a little at a time so that we won't be too overwhelmed with trying to contact everyone at once. If you want to be sure that we have you on our list, please leave us a comment below, or on facebook or email. We would love to meet with you or call you and talk to you more about Ireland.