Connecting with Kontakt

Stephen and I had a great trip this last weekend to Kentucky and Tennessee. We stopped in Glasgow Kentucky to visit some old friends of Stephen's. They are really nice, relaxed people and it was great to talk with them and just hang out. They also made some pretty amazing food, which also helps out as well.

Kontaktmission group. It was great to meet everyone

The next day we traveled through the beautiful mountains to Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee where we started our support raising training with Kontaktmission. It was great to finally meet in person the people we have been working with! It was also good to see our teammates Jessie and Jammie again. I was telling Stephen after we left that I actually feel like more of a legitimate missionary now. This isn't just some crazy idea that Stephen and I came up with, this is actually going to happen!
With our teammates Jammie and Jessie Lowe

The training that we received this weekend was really valuable. Having never had to raise support before in my life, a lot of times I just feel like I don't know what I am doing. Kontakt helped explain what we needed to do, but how to do it in small steps so that it isn't as overwhelming. That really helped me as I can easily get bogged down with different things that I need to do.
I usually go cross-eyed when Stephen is talking
With our co-workers from Kontaktmission Rachel, Sascha, Jammie, Jessie, Stephen and Alisa

Before we left we had to get a lot of work done on our car. It was discouraging to have to spend that money when we don't have any income coming in, but I was glad that we caught it before we were stranded somewhere. As soon as we were leaving Johnson it seemed our power steering was going out when we turned left. We got back to Missouri safely and took the car in. The mechanic says that he thinks that it is the rack and pinion. He is going to try some other things that might help it so that we don't have to replace the whole thing, but if it doesn't work, then I guess that is what we will have to do. Please pray that our car will stop having things go wrong with it. Thank you.

Alisa and Stephen