Travel, Travel, Travel, REST....Travel

We are back in Missouri now for a little while.

On Thursday we will be heading for Kentucky to visit some friends of ours and the next day going to Tennessee for support raising training and budgeting with Kontakt Mission. We are looking forward to actually meeting people from Kontakt in person. So far it has only been through the phone or over the internet. Also, our other teammates, Jammie and Jessie Lowe will be there as well. We haven't seen them since graduation. It will be nice to re-connect with them again.

We had a nice time visiting with my family. It was great to not have to rush our visit like we usually had to do. Still, it seemed to go by way to fast. All of a sudden, we didn't have time for everything that we wanted to do.

Swimming with my family
My lovely sisters and I

After leaving Wisconsin, Stephen and I visited our good friends Mark and Meg Burbidge in Illinois. We were able to stay with them for almost a week. We both miss them and their son Judah.

Walking to the beach
Meg and I attempting to tan

In getting ready to go on the trip this weekend, we decided that our car needed a check up. I am glad we had it looked at because we need a new tie-rod, bearings, 4 new tires, roters, and an alignment. It is going to cost us a pretty penny too. We weren't really expecting it to be this bad. It is kind of scary not having a constant income when problems like this happen. I guess this is why we have a savings.

We will give you an update of how things go at the training this weekend!

Alisa & Stephen
Stephen and I by Lake Michigan