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Yesterday was a really fun day.

My brother Justin invited some of his friends to "play volleyball with some missionaries". So, we went out to Palmer Park in Janesville to play on the sand courts. The sand was so hot! At first I didn't even think that it would be fun because our feet were hurting so bad, but after awhile it was better after we mixed up some of the cooler sand underneath. We had two pretty even teams of 7 people each, but, my team lost both times. Oh well, it was really fun.

After volleyball we took advantage of Culver's happy hour. A concrete peanut butter milk shake was so good after being out in the heat. We all crowded into a corner booth and tried to figure out what else we could do. Evan Phillips called his grandma and asked if we could have a pool party with some missionaries and his grandma said "bring it on". So we went over to Donna Henning's house and had an impromptu pool party. Donna had swimsuits that we could borrow and it was really fun.

After about an hour of swimming, the party had to break up and Stephen and I had to get home to get ready for a missions board meeting at Roxbury Church of Christ. We both think that it went really well. We just talked about what the conditions in Ireland are like now and what we are planning on doing in Ireland. We seemed to be on the same page with the missions board. That meeting was really encouraging.

Last night my dad suggested that I should try to contact some other churches in the area to ask if they might want to support us. It never hurts to ask, so this morning my mom and I brainstormed about what churches we have connections with, in some way. I called about 9 churches. Some seemed promising, and others didn't, but I was really glad to try to tell others about what we are wanting to do in Ireland. Hopefully something will come out of that.

As we speak Stephen and my siblings are playing Texas Hold-Em. They just decided to play for fun (no betting involved). Anyway, it is really funny because Stephen is wearing a child- size cowboy hat and sunglasses. I love it that my husband is silly. Joel just said "This is more fun than video games, guys!"

Stephen doing "fund-raising"

I am sure he will make this his new profile pic on facebook. It is a good one. haha

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  1. Hey! I'm so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see how God uses you guys! You are such an adorable couple! I miss you both lots!
    I'm starting a new blog that I will write in more often--so follow me there.

    It's at
    Kailie still LOVES her guitar!

  2. Glad to hear that Kailie still likes the guitar. Hope you guys are doing well.


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