Kids and Needles

Alisa and I have been pretty busy here lately. We are on the second leg of our journey which brings us to good ol' AZ. The first week we were here we were the missionaries for Vacation Bible School. Every night we took 5-10 minutes to tell the kids about Ireland and what our plans are for evangelizing and establishing churches.
I also participated in the song "12 men went to spy on Canaan". Overall the week was great! The kids were awesome and had a lot of encouragement from parents and helpers.

On Sunday we went to Needles, California. Four times a year three area churches get together(including Havasu Christian Church) and this month it was in Needles. I was able to present on the need in Europe and specifically on our plans for Ireland. It was a great time where we were able to meet many people from all three churches.

There was a man at our presentation that asked...well really he told me that he had been to the streets in San Diego and that he saw a need to reach the homeless and the ghettos and that we should go and do that and only have to raise $800 a month. This brings up two things in my mind. First, we should never neglect our homeland. There is a HUGE need here in America! When we focus to much on those in other countries we lose sight of those right next to us. Not everyone is called to go and do foreign missions. If you are not called to foreign missions then you should be active in the mission of God right where you are at. In Acts chapter 1, Jesus tells us, "you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." We are called to mission everywhere, including our home! Second, quit talking about it and be about it. If you have a heart for a people group what is stopping you from going and reaching them? Is it money, fear, homesickness? None of these things are a valid excuse. We serve a God who is bigger than all three! I could raise $800 a month and go to San Diego, but that is not who God has put on my heart. If God has put a place or a people on your heart whether it be San Diego or Ireland, whether it costs $800 or $5000, whether its in America or on foreign soil, QUIT TALKING ABOUT IT AND BE ABOUT IT!

On a lighter note, a man from the church (Paul Frame) took us out on the lake and up the Colorado River. It was tons of fun, until we both got really burnt (yes we did wear sunscreen). Here are a few photos from our river adventure. Thanks Paul!



Thanks for Visiting,
Stephen and Alisa