Packing, Packing, and more Packing

The last few weeks have just been flying by! Stephen graduated from Central on May 14th. He was chosen as the class orator(You can listen to his sermon at He spoke, March 23rd and May 4th) so he graduated with honors. I am very proud of him. We also had about 20 family members come for his graduation. It was quite the party. We all crowded into his grandparent's house for his graduation party and the rest of the week, we crammed into our little house. It was a nice time.

Now that the fun and games are over, we are trying to move out of our house. We have exactly a week to be out of our house. So, we are living in a little bit of chaos around here. While I am at work during the day, Stephen is home packing. Then when I get off work, I make us something to eat, clean up, and then start packing as well. Even though we still have a lot to do, I am pretty confident that we will get it all done. We are trying to pack so that we do not have to re-pack for Ireland. So, some things will go into storage, but we will take those things with us when we go. The rest we will either give away or sell. We are having a garage sale this weekend, and we have our couch up on Craig's List. If you are in the area this Saturday, please come by. A lot of stuff we are selling is still really nice since we have only had it for about two years.

My last day at the bank is June 12th. On that day Stephen and I will be traveling up to Wisconsin to be the missionaries for AWANA camp. We will talk to the students during their Bible hour and just hang out with them. I am really looking forward to it because I haven't been up to that camp in six years I think. After a few days at the camp Stephen and I are heading over to Lake Havasu City Arizona to be the missionaries for their VBS. So after we get done moving at the end of the month, we are really going to have to start getting our presentations ready. I am really looking forward to it. If anyone knows of a church, camp, or VBS that they would like us to come and share our mission to Ireland with, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to talk with you about it!

One thing that I always need to remember in this crazy time is that God is still in control. He is so good to us!