Hey everybody!

So a lot has happened in the past several weeks. I just finished our semester break and it was refreshing. We have been busy at Church which has been great. I love Church and can't imagine doing anything else outside of ministry. I have been writing new songs for an album that Alisa and I hope to make. We also went skiing in St. Louis for new years and that was a lot of Fun. There has been more but naturally I can't think of anything else as I write.

BIG NEWS: Alisa and I have decided to take a missions trip to Taiwan! There are many reasons for going on the trip. One reason for going is for me to see Taiwan firsthand. Alisa has already been there (and loved it) but I have not. We are going with the mindset of considering it as a place to serve full time as missionaries so I look forward to seeing it and meeting the people. One of the professors here at Central; Jon Ralls, will be leading the trip. He is going to teach us how to do demographics and introduce us to many of the missionaries there. Learning how to do demographics will be so important wherever we end up and so I am really looking forward to learning a new skill!

IN OTHER NEWS: Our laptop was about to die and so now we have a new one! New things are always fun to play with, so I am thoroughly enjoying this computer. I am sure it will soon lose its newness and not be nearly as exciting to use. Why do we lose that exciting feeling once things are no longer new? I wish I could figure out a way to always have it, especially when it comes to the things of God. At the end of last semester and through many times in my life I have felt that feeling of almost being bored with the things of God. It was no longer new and refreshing, I was just burnt out. I have had a break this last couple of weeks and it has helped me to slow down and just enjoy the things of God anew and fresh again! I think when it comes to the things of God we lose that feeling of fresh and new because we are so busy. We need to take time to learn new things about God and who He is! His word is full of things that are awesome and refreshing, we will never run out of new things to learn about God! So once again here I am experiencing that "new" feeling about God and it is great. I hope that I can stay in this mindset and not lose this "new" feeling with God. I know that things will not always be easy or fun and that feelings come and go; however, choosing to see God as "new" is a decision. I decide to learn new things about God and so therefore I think that seeing God as "new" is not just an emotion but more than anything it is a decision. It s my hope that you will make the same decision I have and choose to see God anew.

May we never lose that "new" attitude towards God!